Bride Demands to Kick Out Mother-in-Law from Wedding Due to Her Hairstyle & Groom Supports It

A man and his bride kicked his mother out of their wedding.

However, the internet strongly opposed what he did and warned him against his wife’s behavior, saying she would soon turn on him.

A Reddit user asked others if he and his wife were in the wrong for asking his mother to change her hairstyle or leave their wedding. Other users told him he should think carefully about his wife’s actions.

The original poster (OP) explained that he and his wife had recently exchanged vows and that his wife had been under a lot of stress leading up to their big day because she wanted everything to go perfectly.

However, when his mother arrived at their wedding, OP’s bride told him she was unhappy about how his mother’s hair had turned out. She told him to give his mother two options.

How Did OP’s Mother’s Hair Look?
OP explained that his wife had approached him on their wedding day and told him she was unhappy with his mother’s hair. He said her hair was styled in a half-up, half-down ponytail, with pearls around the ponytail and cascading down her hair.

The bride felt that her mother-in-law’s hairstyle was “inappropriate” because she thought pearls were a traditional bridal thing. OP admitted that he knew little about hair but stood by his bride. He revealed:

“We confronted my mom and asked her to take it out.”

OP’s mother refused to remove her pearls and said his wife was narcissistic. To this, his wife became very emotional, and he asked her what she wanted to do about the situation. The bride said she wanted her mother-in-law to change her hairstyle or leave the wedding.

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