Fight Erupts in an LA Hotel Among Four Women

A fight erupted on the casino floor of the Las Vegas Encore at Wynn venue, involving approximately four women. Captured on video, one woman in a gold-colored outfit pinned another in a black and white top and denim shorts onto the red carpet. As the clips began recording, the women had already lost their shoes, and their clothes were disheveled.

The physical encounter at Encore at Wynn Hotel unfolded during UFC 290 in the bustling city, adding an unexpected twist to the event.
fight in LA

Amidst the chaos, a courageous man steps in, separating the women engaged in a physical altercation.

Despite their determination to fight, he manages to momentarily restrain two of them against a wall. He also prevents the woman in gold, her outfit disheveled, from using her shoes as weapons.

fight in LA

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