«The gigantic newborn has grown up!»: Here is the unique baby boy who was born weighing 7,2 kilos

Remember the baby who was born weighing 7 kilos? 🧐🤔 This is how years have changed the unique boy who is already a 37-year-old man! 😲🫢

Back in 1983, an absolutely unique baby was born weighing over 7 kilos. He was named Kevin and drew everyone’s special attention to him since the very moment of his long-awaited arrival.

As soon as the parents saw him through the ultrasound, they made sure that he would be rather big since his father was big as a newborn too. However, the doctors soon estimated that the boy would weigh much more than they expected.

Believe it or not, he weighed no less than 7 kilos. Everyone in the USA was talking about Kevin making him the subject of their discussions. Even the newspapers extensively wrote about the boy whose arrival was nothing but a rare phenomenon

It stands to reason that he has always been much bigger than all his peers and classmates. When he was still 12, his height exceeded 1.50 meters. He continued to grow in an unsustainable rate and wasn’t going to stop.

After having successfully graduated from the university, he started to attend a military college, then began to work in a police station. What concerns his personal life, he is happily married.

Currently, Kevin’s weight is 130 kilos. It should be mentioned that his height and weight still bother him. There are lots of obstacles he faces during his everyday life. Many expected him to play basketball, but he didn’t take interest in sports.

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