Do you remember these? Many finds mysterious tools in his grandparents’ home

A young man was recently going through his grandparents’ old things after they passed and showed an interesting find to a friend of his.

The two could not tell what these metal objects could possibly be until the found some information online.

The metal sticks are actually nutcrackers! Likely from the 1940’s or 1950’s, this type of nutcracker would be used to dig the actual nut out of a shell.

They help to get to the edible portion of any nut, but are especially common to help one properly eat a chestnut.

Nutcrackers like this were often in similar sets of seafood tools that included implements for cracking the shells of shellfish in addition to picks for pulling out the meat.


The nutcrackers could also often been found with a matching wooden bowl designed to look like a chestnut.

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