«The world is turning upside down!»: This is what the unique spouses with a big age difference look like now

The whole Internet was discussing this 68-year-old granny who married a 29-year-old guy! 😱🫢 This is how the non-standard couple looks and lives today! 🤔🧐

True and pure love knows no bounds, age and race. The unique couple of Edna and Simon left the entire world speechless with their union. The whole thing is that despite their big age difference, they fought for each other and created a family.

Lately, they have celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary showing that their love overcame all the hardship and challenges. It is worth mentioning that Edna has children from her previous marriage some of whom are even older than Simon

Despite people’s criticism and doubts in the sincerity of their feelings, they continue being by each other’s side considering that they are soulmates. As they claim, their big age difference doesn’t bother them at all.

This may serve as a prime example of how love can make people forget about age, standards and stereotypes.

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