She Had 43 Cosmetic Procedures To Become A Barbie Doll – But Critics Say She Look Like A ‘Zombie’

Dalia Naeem, a 29-year-old woman from Baghdad, has become known for her dramatic transformation after undergoing a staggering 43 surgeries to achieve a Barbie doll-like appearance.

Her journey of transformation has garnered significant attention, with some referring to her as the “Iraqi Barbie” due to her golden hair and striking features.

Dalia’s extensive efforts to alter her appearance have reportedly cost her thousands of dollars, resulting in a look that closely resembles the iconic Barbie character. While her transformation has left some viewers using terms like “Zombie” and “Devil Barbie,” it has also earned her a substantial following on social media.

With over 996,000 Instagram followers and another 43,900 on TikTok, Dalia has certainly captivated the fascination of many with her striking appearance. In a recent video, she showcased her new style alongside her makeup artist, who enthusiastically complimented her, saying, “You look so beautiful, my dear. Like Barbie.”

Dalia’s transformation includes features like a larger mouth and a smaller nose, which she attributes to her makeup, often referring to it as “Barbie makeup.” However, there has been speculation that her dramatic change is the result of multiple cosmetic surgeries, including lip fillers and breast enlargement procedures, carried out in recent months.

Aside from her newfound fame on social media, Dalia Naeem is a TV host and actress who has achieved success in her native country, Iraq. Her story serves as a testament to the power of personal transformation and the impact of social media in shaping public perception.

To appreciate the extent of her transformation, one can compare her current appearance to how she looked before undergoing the numerous surgeries. Dalia’s journey is a compelling example of self-expression and the pursuit of a unique and unconventional ideal of beauty.

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