11-Year-Old Whose Father Died Unable to Attend Dad-Daughter Dance – Then, a Famous NFL Player Steps in

Football player, Anthony Harris, accompanied a little girl in Texas to her father-daughter dance after her own father passed away less than a year before.

Eleven-year-old Audrey Soape always looked forward to the father-daughter dance at her local church in Pflugerville, Texas. Dressing up in heels and dancing with her dad among her friends was the highlight of her year. But after her father’s death, she didn’t know if she’d ever get to experience that night again.

It was just a very tumultuous time for all of us. Very emotional,” Audrey’s mother Holly Soape told CBS News.

A lot of grief, a lot of sadness, a lot of anger. So anytime that I have the opportunity to bring joy or excitement into both my children’s lives, I absolutely jump at that moment.


The father-daughter dance was a tradition, something Audrey always got to do. While the rest of her life was completely upended, Holly knew Audrey still wanted this one thing.

“I knew with the dance coming up it would be an emotional thing. It would be a disappointing thing not being able to go. She brought it up a few times, saying she wished she could go,” Holly said. “She even at one point asked if I would escort her to the dance. I knew that if she was going to go, that I wanted it to be something really incredible. Something that would just make her feel special and would make her feel loved and important. So I tried to think of the coolest thing that I could come up with.”

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