David Beckham disclosed that Victoria, his wife, only ate fish and vegetables for 25 years…

David and Victoria Beckham have been a couple for many years. David recently revealed that Victoria has been following a diet consisting solely of fish and vegetables for 25 years.

During this time, the former Spice Girls singer has undergone a significant transformation, losing a considerable amount of weight. However, achieving this required her to almost entirely give up her previous eating habits. The strictness of Victoria’s diet has become quite famous.

After retiring from professional sports, David has focused on developing his culinary skills and regularly treats his family to delicious dishes. He is also influenced by his close friend and renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay.

In a recent podcast called Table 4, David shared, “I have a deep emotional connection to food and wine. When I discover something new, I want everyone to join in.

Unfortunately, I’m married to Victoria, who has been eating the same meals for the past 25 years. Since I met her, she has stuck to a diet of fried fish and steamed vegetables, rarely deviating from it.”


However, there was one exception to Victoria’s diet. She temporarily abandoned her eating habits during her pregnancy. David fondly recalled that time, saying, “It was one of my favorite moments. I can’t recall exactly what we ate, but since then, she has never tried anything different.”

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