53 Years Later, Terrifying 1965 Warning Comes True

Paul Harvey was one of the most well-known radio hosts in the United States from the 1950s to the 1990s, with a staggering weekly audience of 25 million listeners. He issued a terrifying warning to the United States in 1965, and it has just materialized 53 years later.

Harvey began his forecast by saying, “If I were the Devil… and then goes on to talk about challenges that are now ours to face. “The Bible is a myth, I’d whisper if I were the devil. I would persuade them that God did not create man; rather, it was the other way around. He said, “I would soon have families fighting among themselves, churches fighting among themselves, and nations fighting among themselves.

“I would make a bottle the emblem of Christmas and an egg the symbol of Easter. I would persuade the young that marriage is outdated, swinging is more enjoyable, and that what you see on TV is the ideal way to live. Even though this is only a small portion of Harvey’s statement, it is immediately obvious how current it is. Young people are getting married less frequently than ever before, and many are giving up the union completely. As more people reject Christ, our country is more politically divided than ever.

People in 1965 could not have predicted that Harvey’s prediction would come true as literally as it did. It’s unfortunate that our nation has reached this point, and all we can do now is hope that we can find a way to turn things around and return to where we were a few decades ago.

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