When she lifted up the old mattress to clean the garden, she found 5 puppies.

No one even seemed surprised when she decided to clean up the garden. He found 5 puppies behind an old mattress. He reasoned that taking them to an animal shelter would be a good idea, but after learning the truth about the puppies he had thought were dogs, they were shocked. Find out what they were.

Craig Mcgettrick was scrubbing the garden with a coworker. While picking up rubbish around the house, they discovered across an old, dirty mattress. They decided to move the mattress and were surprised to discover something. Under the mattress, 5 little chicks were huddling.

The first thought,” says Craig, “was that someone knew we were going to throw the trash out there and decided to throw it away knowing they would be taken by us.”

The man was first hesitant about what to do with them, but after taking a few pictures with the small creatures that were posted on the social media sites, he ultimately decided that they needed to go to a shelter so that they could get the care they needed. Craig packed the chicks in a box and delivered it to a neighboring animal shelter. The matter then took an unexpected turn after the founder of a community for foxes spotted the images Craig had posted on the walls of small animal friendliness.

The founder of the organization stated, “A very sweet lady searched us on Facebook and sent us images of these puppies and asked us if there was any chance that they were, in fact, fox puppies. As soon as I saw the pictures, I knew they were fox cubs.

When the five were nesting at the animal shelter, everyone thought they were dogs. The National Fox Organization claims that the mother fox used the mattress as a den to nurture her pups within. Though they lacked the essential abilities, they decided to try to reunite the chicks with their mother.

It was determined that it would be a good idea to put the puppies in a box and take them back to Craig’s garden, where the mattress had been. The sight of a fox charging directly for the box startled them. After a few careful inspections, the fox mother took the chicks and quickly flew away. They might develop far more effectively in the wild with their mother than in an animal refuge.

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