The iconic comeback of ABBA!»: The legendary performers of this famous band appeared 36 years later

Are you ready to see what the members of ABBA look like 36 years later? 🧐🤭 They all are in their 70s and have changed beyond recognition! 😲🤐

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know this Swedish musical band which was formed around 50 years ago. The members of the group are legendary musicians and vocalists whose great songs are still widely listened to all around the world.

And now, after 36 years, the iconic members of the legendary band have made unexpected and impressive comeback.

This is something everyone should see!», «How long have I slept? Time has changed them irreversibly», «All these years have passed at a lightning speed!».

«Believe it or not, I still listen to their legendary songs with great pleasure and delight!», «One of the best bands the show business has ever known!», «They have aged beyond recognition».

«Are they all already 70? Am I dreaming?», «How fast time flies!», «They look fantastic for their age».

«I can hardly believe that my childhood idols are now grandmas and grandpas».

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