Unveiling the Mysteries of Israel’s Future According to Nostradamus

Nostradamus’s Predictions: Fact or Fiction?

Have you ever heard of Michel de Nostredame, also known as Nostradamus? He was a famous French astrologer whose work, “Les Prophéties,” published in 1555, captured the imagination of many. But let’s take a closer look and evaluate the accuracy of his predictions.

Nostradamus claimed that his prophecies were based on astrological information. However, his competence was heavily criticized. Researchers discovered that a significant part of “Les Prophéties” consisted of paraphrases of ancient collections of end-of-the-world prophecies, primarily derived from the Bible, and supplemented with references to projected historical events.

The “City of God” and Israel’s Future

In his quatrains, Nostradamus mentioned a Third World War connected to a conflict that would unfold in what he referred to as the “City of God.” When we consider the historical context of Nostradamus’s time, it becomes clear that he was referring to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. It’s remarkable that, in light of the ongoing attacks on Israel by the Islamist group Hamas, many individuals find Nostradamus’s words eerily prophetic.

According to Nostradamus, after a conflict in the “City of God,” a great leader will surrender, leading to the eruption of the Third World War:

“In the ‘City of God,’ there will be a powerful thunder/ Two brothers torn apart by chaos, while the city withstands/ The great leader will surrender/ The third great war will begin when the great city is burning.”

Insights into the Future: War and a Third Antichrist

Nostradamus also predicted a significant war that would occur in the year 2023:

“Seven months of Great War, people dying due to wicked deeds. Rouen, Evreux will not fall into the hands of the king.”

Furthermore, Nostradamus’s prophecies foresaw the emergence of a third Antichrist in the year 2023. According to the French astrologer, the first two Antichrists were represented by Napoleon and Hitler.

“The Antichrist will soon destroy the three/ His war will last twenty-seven years/ The unbelievers will be dead, captives, or exiled/ With blood, human bodies, water, and red hail covering the earth,” as described in “Les Prophéties.”

While it’s important to approach these prophecies with caution, they undeniably capture the fascination and concern of many. Only time will reveal the true nature of Nostradamus’s predictions and whether they hold any bearing on future events.

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