When She Was A Child, She Was Spat On Because Of Her Ginger Hair, But Look At Her Today

Because of her red hair, she was called “ugly ginger” and spit on as she grew up.


Thanks to her new appearance, she is now absolutely unrecognisable and has made her bullies nervously sweat.

Our parents instilled in us the value of never making snap judgments about others based solely on their appearance when we were little kids. Regrettably, there are still people who judge others solely on their appearance.

Jessica Gagen endured a difficult childhood since she was frequently made fun of for having red hair. Her fellow students teased her and made her days miserable. She eventually exacted retribution, though, when she was named Miss England in 2022, many years later.

You won’t believe how she appears right now.

Because of her red hair, Jessica, who is from Lancashire in England, stood out from the crowd. Regrettably, this characteristic wasn’t thought to be cute by her pals. She was frequently excluded from the social groups that the majority of her classmates were a part of because they, on the other hand, made fun of and mocked her. Jessica cried over this practically daily.

Because she had “ginger hair,” her classmates bullied her to the point where they even spit on her and attempted to burn her with a lighter.

“I was called names on a regular basis, and although I don’t believe the kids were intentionally doing it, there were undoubtedly times they were. The worst incident was a girl burning me for having ginger hair, she told The Mirror. “I was beaten, spat at, and had things thrown at my head quite a bit,” she recalled.


Jessica had to have her lunch in the restroom when she was in year 7 because every time she tried to sit next to someone in the cafeteria, they would get up and go.

She was often teased, so she didn’t just feel unattractive; she even convinced herself that she was ugly.

Jessica adds, “I used to get so sad about it all, but now I’m trying to encourage youngsters who are going through the same thing that it won’t last forever.


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