Prayers for Bruce Springsteen

On September 6, Bruce Springsteen posted some distressing information to his website and social media accounts. After speaking with his medical team about the symptoms of his peptic ulcer disease, the 73-year-old rock musician has decided to cancel his September appearances.

“It breaks our hearts to have to postpone these events here on E Street. The message made reference to the two shows at Citizens Bank Park, the baseball stadium for the Philadelphia Phillies, that he had to cancel last month. In the message, he said, “First, apologies to our amazing Philly supporters who we missed a few weeks ago.

When we go back, we’ll pick up these shows and more. I appreciate your kindness and support. We’ve been having a great time touring the US, and we’re looking forward to more enjoyment in the future. They have another engagement on November 3 in Toronto, so he promised in the statement, “We’ll be back soon.

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