Never use a mobile phone that is charging. This Is Why!

We all use smartphones today because they make life simpler. There are other things that can endanger us, though. You should never use your phone while it is charging, for instance. It is also very risky to cover the device with your body, clothing, or mattress.

This is due to the possibility of a flame bursting it. One such tale is about a young Indian boy whose hand was severely injured when his phone exploded due to what was thought to be increased radiation brought on by a low battery.

Many individuals cling to the idea that mobile phones produce radiation when the battery is low. Low battery, however, is not the problem; the faint sign is. As a result, a weak signal on your smartphone causes it to work more and produce more radiation. This means that whether in an elevator, a secluded area, or other structures, you should avoid using your smartphone.

The truth concerning this child, though, is that he used a Chinese charger that wasn’t approved. Avoid using these bogus chargers since they expose you to explosions and exposure risks and can seriously harm various sections of your body. Even major corporations like Samsung advise their users against using chargers for their cell phones that are not officially recommended.

You are aware of the fact that low battery is not the cause of smartphone explosions.

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