«79-year-old Jagger proposed to his girlfriend!»: Here is the young partner of Jagger

Jagger at 79 showed his young girlfriend and left everyone speechless 🤔🧐

The «The Rolling Stones» star M. Jagger has recently proposed to his girlfriend. The ring he gifted her with was luxurious and looked simply stunning.

It was during their recent excursion to New York when he proposed to Melanie Hamrick and now the woman wears it constantly. It is worth mentioning that she is the mother of one of his children.

She was at the American Ballet Theater telling her friends she was engaged to him. All of her friends are incredibly happy for her», says an insider.

The first time the non-standard couple was spotted together was on a Zurich hotel balcony. The star’s romance with this woman began shortly after his ex-girlfriend’s suicide.

The woman gave birth to the renowned man’s eighth child and now became his fiancée.

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