Drivers are only now becoming aware that holding down a frequently used button for two seconds opens secret additional functionalities.

An electric vehicle owner has found a helpful hidden feature in her car, along with the other features it controls.

While driving her Ford Mustang Mach-E, which she records on her Facebook page @Carbonizedhorse, Lisa provided the information.

Lisa answered yes when asked if she knew of a hidden feature in the infotainment system of the car.

Then, she posted a clip of a sleek touchscreen with a large button in the center.

According to the initial claim, turn the volume dial for two seconds. Most likely, you were not aware of this feature.

Lisa didn’t waste any time getting into her own Mach-E to impress her 16,700 fans with her knowledge.

She did, in fact, acknowledge that “I was aware of this feature.” “When the dial is pushed in for two seconds, the communication screen mode is activated.”

Like many other all-electric vehicles, her Mustang Mach-E has over-the-air upgrade capability.

These allow for the downloading and installation of necessary software updates when connected to the internet.

Lisa said that the media volume is controlled via a dial that is situated directly in the center of the infotainment system.

Since I got the most recent over-the-air update, it also controls this, which is my favorite feature,” she said, pointing to a photo of a vehicle chair. My rear end likes it better.

Both Lisa’s Tesla Model S and her Mustang Mach-E are favorites of hers, and her YouTube channel is replete with tips for both vehicles.

As an all-electric vehicle, the Ford Mustang Mach-E won the highest scores from Consumer Reports, outperforming Tesla the year before.

The Mach-E has won numerous important awards since its release, including the Editor’s Choice Award from Car & Driver for 2021.

The same year, it was also named the winner of the Car & Driver Electric Vehicle of the Year Award and the Eco-Friendly Car of the Year Award.

Because of its range, conventional car-like appearance, safety ratings, and starting price, the Mach-E is an ideal EV for beginners.

Lisa does suggest moving from gas to electricity for refilling even though she doesn’t really have a favorite.

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