The Power of Small Deeds: This Selfless Act Proves That Even Little Things Can Make a Big Difference!

A young lady stood on the path dressed to the nines. Many people stopped to inquire about her needs and to find out where her family was.

She stood there in filthy, ripped clothes, yet nobody gave it a second thought.

It was a dreadful truth that most people only valued her appearance and did not recognize her value as a person.

Because of this conduct, it was difficult to imagine a society in which everyone would be treated equally regardless of how wealthy or gorgeous they were.

It is sad that some people believe their lives are more valuable than others simply because they are more attractive or wealthy.

The homeless man who was seated in the Dunkin’ Donuts was a prime example.

Nobody paid him any attention until the woman came up to him; he was struggling to get by on just spare change.

Then, out of generosity, she offered to pay for his coffee and sandwich out of her own money in return for him spending nearly an hour with her before he had to leave for class.

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