This family purchased a boat from eBay and is ready to transform it into a luxurious houseboat

The transformation that will blow up the Internet! 😱🫣One couple bought a WW2 Boat from eBay for 9000 dollars and plans to make a houseboat from it! 🤭😮

This ordinary family from Wales periodically buys dilapidated and abandoned buildings and transforms them beyond recognition. Here is today’s hero – Simon Robbins and here is the 1943 Harbor Defence Motor Launch

Believe it or not, they purchased it from eBay paying 9140 dollars. The harbor looked super miserable. For the complete transformation, it will take no less than a decade, a great volume of materials and, of course, their hard and diligent work.

Initially, Gemma was against purchasing this, but when she got well-acquainted with its history, she immediately changed her opinion. She first thought that they definitely had better not buy it, but now, she is a completely different opinion!

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