The grandmothers literally heated up the dance floor with their dance. It’s impossible to watch it without smiling …. Video

The grandmothers literally captivated the audience with their dances. You definitely can’t help but smile while watching this video.

Many are sure that with the appearance of deep wrinkles, the colors of life begin to gradually disappear.

It is from this moment that old age begins. For many, this period is associated with grandmothers who knit socks and bake pies in front of the TV.

But all these stereotypes have been denied for a long time. After all, even if there are 70 or 80 points in the passport, it is not a reason to lose heart and give up.

Today’s seniors know how to find more active and fun activities for themselves. Sometimes it looks

like actual new engines are being put into them. And then retirees begin to cope with something that can only be wondered at.

And these ladies are one of them. Most of them are real grandmothers. But they decided not to sour during their retirement,

discussing their neighbors on the benches.Older women decided to be more active. The result is a wonderful dance ensemble.

Women readily delight others with their performances. But primarily they dance for their own pleasure.

One can only envy their enthusiasm and energy. Not every young man is capable of such dances. And women are great at it.

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