What diseases you can suffer from, depending on your sign

Medical astrologer Gleb Palamarchuk told what diseases each representative of the zodiac circle suffers from and what zodiac signs should do to solve everything and get rid of diseases.

What diseases are characteristic of Aries?
Mars – a hot planet – the ruler of Aries – is responsible for activity, pressure, and militancy. If a person born under this fire sign of the zodiac is inactive, he faces various inflammatory diseases and may have rashes, and dermatitis. Most often in Aries diseases of the head, brain, nose, ears, eyes, and upper jaw occur. These are headache, meningitis, and fever. If a person is not active, the body begins to hurt. Well, if he is also constantly unhappy about it, according to psychosomatics he makes bruises, sprains, and fractures. If in the Aries natal chart, Mars is in the first house, he is likely to have scars on his face.

What diseases are characteristic of Taurus?
Astrologically, the most powerful planet in Taurus is Venus. She is responsible for love, money, and comfort. And the weakest planet among these representatives of the Earth elements is Pluto, whose patronage is risk, transformation, and change. On the one hand, if Taurus does not get enough comfort, if it is under constant tension, it starts to get sick.

Diseases of people born under this sign are everything related to the lower jaw, teeth, throat, and thyroid gland. To recover, it is important that Taurus puts himself in a comfort zone, everything should be enough: food, money, and security. On the other hand, if Taurus is always in a comfort zone, they have problems with the reproductive system, because Scorpio, whose ruler is Pluto, is responsible for this. Thus, for Taurus, balancing the comfort and discomfort zone is important.

What diseases are typical for Gemini?
The main ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury. It is responsible for speech, acceptance, processing, and transmission of information, as well as reaching the brain with nerve impulses. Gemini diseases – chronic cough, bronchitis, asthma. Very often, in times of stress, Gemini literally go silent, as if words are no longer enough. If in a person’s natal chart at birth, Mercury is located close to the Sun (this is called burnt Mercury), with a one hundred percent probability, he will have speech defects: stuttering, noise, fast speech, or too loud voice. Compensate for Gemini’s ailments: jogging, swimming, visiting a speech therapist, and public speaking classes.

What diseases are typical for Cancer?
The Moon rules the Cancer. It is responsible for everything related to feminine energy, therefore, Cancer is characterized by breast diseases, mastitis, and lumps. One of the main functions of the Moon is the management of the stomach and the entire digestive system. If in a person’s natal chart, the Moon is affected or is in a weak position, as for example in Scorpio, then he has a predisposition to gastritis, gastric ulcer, and indigestion. In addition to following a diet, it is important for these representatives of the Water elements to remember the psychosomatic causes of these diseases. This can be the indigestion of any information or person. In this case, Cancer must be alone, think, and digest all the data received.

What diseases are typical for Leo?
A person whose Sun is affected by Mars in the natal chart will suffer from high blood pressure and problems with the spine which is affected by Saturn. To overcome these diseases, you must let love into your heart, fill it with it, learn to love yourself and give this love to others, and, most importantly, find a job for your heart, not for your mind.

What diseases are characteristic of Virgins?
Virgo is the earthy, material sign of the zodiac. Every day, this human puts her world in order, like a little prince in a fairy tale. Virgo is addicted to work, if she gets sick, this is directly related to being overworked. Virgo has the most direct link between work and health. If work does not bring pleasure, Virgo gets sick with pancreas, spleen, gall bladder, insomnia, and depression.

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