“Very different, yet so similar”: how the twins with different skin-colors look like after 20 years

According to all the laws of Nature, twins are two very similar people. However, in today’s article we’ll tell you about two girls who, despite all the laws of nature, came into this world looking totally different and at the same time were twins.

In 1997 in Great Britain a miracle happened. In one of the hospitals twins came into this world whom their caring parents, Donna and Vinson, named Lucy and Mary. However, when the mother saw the girls for the first time, she couldn’t believe they were twins – the babies had different skin-color.

Lucy was born with blue eyes and blond hair. Mary, on the other hand, was a fascinating dark-skinned girl with brown eyes. And so the twins went down in history, as the chances of you having this kind of babies are very low.


In general they are very ordinary sisters: they fight and then put up with each other, just like all other siblings. They have different personalities and style.

For example, light-skinned Lucy loves to wear dark colors, and the same thing goes about her makeup. In contrary, Mary with dark skin color, loves to wear nude shades.

Despite the dissimilarities, the girls have one thing in common – curly hair. However, Lucy is not so happy about this natural gift, and tries to always straighten it.

Mary, for example, differs from her sister with the fact, that she likes to be on the spotlight, she has many friends and is unbelievably communicative. In contrary, Lucy is more introverted.

Whatever it is, the girls confessed that for each other they are the closest people, and can’t even imagine their lives if they were not born twins.

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