«Daddy’s little daughter has grown up!»:This is what the only heiress of the King of Pop looks like today

Have you already seen Jackson’s all grown-up daughter? 🫢🧐 The fair skin and blue eyes of the girl raised some questions! 🫢😮

It is no secret that the King of Pop had three children. The two older ones were born by his former nurse named Debbie Rowe. The King of Pop had one daughter and this is what she looks like now.

The fact that she looks nothing like her legendary father is nothing to say. She seemingly inherited her mother’s appearance. She is fair-skinned and has mesmerizing blue eyes. Yet, her relationship with her mother is quite tense.

Shortly after their birth, Rowe rejected them and gave her to her father. Once they knew about their mother’s betrayal, they blacklisted her. But when the woman was diagnosed with oncology, she was next to her mother at this difficult moment.

According to some rumors, she simply couldn’t be Jackson’s daughter since the iconic singer was African-American.


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