Sending Robert Irwin a prayer

The late Steve Irwin’s children, Robert and Bindi, both carry on their father’s legacy. They share their father’s commitment to preserving Australia’s diverse species and wildlife.

However, there are more similarities than that. A similar experience that his father once had was caught on camera by a young Robert Irwin.

Robert Irwin has inherited many of his late father’s characteristics, including his choice of profession, in addition to having a similar appearance. He could have done without the recent eerie connection between the two guys that the late wildlife warrior highlighted on Instagram.

On Thursday, the young Robert Irwin posted an old video of his deceased father’s face being bitten by a python snake. A video of the young snake handler handling the same snake and getting many bites on his nose and eyebrow was later shared online.

“Déjà vu. My father and I were both bitten by carpet pythons, Robert wrote in the video’s caption, though we were bitten at different times. As you can see, attempts to rescue snakes occasionally don’t go as intended. On the side of the road, I discovered this snake.

The animal enthusiasts in both men heroically endured the bites. Like Steve before caring to his wounds, Robert handled the rescue with poise. He claims in the video that I approached a little too closely and he bit me. They have extremely pointed teeth that look like tiny needles. Here is the video’s link.

His two children, Robert and Bindi Irwin, along with Terri Irwin, the late Steve Irwin’s wife, are carrying on his work at the Australia Zoo to save species.

At the age of 44, Steve Irwin went away in 2006. A stingray stung him when he was filming at the Great Barrier Reef. When Robert Irwin’s father passed away, he was still a little child.

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