«Minus 20 years!» A skillful stylist gave this woman an amazing makeover as a gift for her 60th birthday

Even the husband didn’t recognize her!😲🤭 The housewife who hadn’t visited a beauty salon for years changed her image on her 60th birthday and surprised with the final result which you can see in this article!🧐👇

One of the latest clients of greatly talented and highly skilled stylist Ch. Hopkins became one ordinary housewife from California. Betsy’s decision to transform herself beyond recognition for her 60th birthday was praised by the master.

The housewife had high hopes and was more than sure that the stylist she chose would help her rediscover her beauty and emphasize her facial features.

Christopher decided to give her a fresher look by cutting her hair. He, however, didn’t do anything to her grayed hair considering it her unique charm without which her appearance as a 60-year-old woman would seem «artificial».

After the incredible transformation, Betsy now looked absolutely different and even some of her relatives including her husband barely recognized her. To say that she started to look 20 years younger is nothing to say.

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