Model Reveals She Spent $100,000 On Surgeries To Look Like A Bimbo

Sapphire Saint, a model and influencer hailing from Idaho, has made headlines for her astonishing transformation, fueled by over $100,000 worth of plastic surgery procedures, including the extraordinary step of removing four of her ribs. Her goal? To achieve a striking “bimbo” aesthetic, which she proudly embraces.

Sapphire’s journey towards her unique look has been marked by six breast augmentation surgeries, taking her from an A cup to a staggering H cup. However, this transformation was not without its challenges, as she experienced the rupture of two breast implants along the way. In addition to these breast surgeries, she has undergone various other cosmetic enhancements, including a nose job, butt implants, a cat-eye lift, and extensive filler and Botox injections, to the point where she admits to losing count of the number of times she’s had such procedures.

One of the most dramatic and unconventional choices Sapphire made was opting to have four of her ribs removed. This decision was aimed at achieving a permanently corseted appearance, further enhancing her “bimbo” image. The commitment to such an extreme alteration of her body is a testament to her dedication to her chosen aesthetic.

Reflecting on her pre-surgery days, Sapphire reminisced, “Before my breast enhancements, I was an A cup.” She recalled how her younger brothers used to tease her, pointing out her flat chest and joking that she could wear a bra backward. Interestingly, it was her mother who initially encouraged her to consider breast augmentation, hoping that it would create a stronger bond between them. “She wanted to have a bonding experience between her and me, so she said, ‘let’s get our boobs done together,’” Sapphire explained, emphasizing the admiration and idolization she felt for her mother.


Today, Sapphire has found contentment in a relationship with another man, despite the unconventional circumstances surrounding it. She has also shifted her focus towards her career as a self-proclaimed “bimbo” and adult performer.

Sapphire Saint’s transformation journey showcases the lengths to which individuals may go to achieve their desired aesthetic, regardless of societal norms or expectations. Her story serves as a reminder that self-expression and identity can take many forms, and what matters most is one’s own sense of fulfillment and happiness.

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