A touching farewell between a lion and his savior after being close friends for over 20 years

Meet Jupiter, this enormous Colombian lion who became famous during the years living at Refugio Villa Lorena.

Villa Lorena is a special sanctuary for wild creatures, where all these abused animals received human love and care.


Ana Julia Torres, this kind-hearted woman, takes care of all her non-human friends and gives them all the proper treatment.

There are lots of animals, including 4 lions, 9 tigers, a crocodile, grizzly bears, jaguars, an ostrich, colorful birds and several species of monkeys.

As the woman says, all these animals have one thing in common: they all have an unpleasant experience.

So, they were rescued and given proper treatment here.


She adds that she has two children and more than 800 children of animals of all types and characteristics.

Although they are all different, they are unique and amazing to her. However, for the woman, the lion of Jupiter was always her favorite.

The lion had been in the circus for many years and was mistreated there until he managed to get out.

The poor creature was disappointed and even lost faith in human beings.

A touching farewell between a lion and his rescuer after being close friends for over 20 years

So after being transported to the sanctuary, Ana took care of him, and he began to trust humans again.

Soon the lion was sent to the Los Caimans Zoo in Monteria, where he felt good.


Unfortunately, the famous lion here got sick and started losing weight day by day.

It turned out he had liver cancer.

Unfortunately, Ana was unable to do anything, as it was too late to act, and the famous creature died in 2020.

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