«Paid paparazzi and fake romances» Here is another side of Hollywood which only few have seen

Of these astonishing secrets of Hollywood, only few are aware!😱🫣 When you learn the whole truth about Hollywood, your idea of it will radically change!😳🤐 For more details – see the article!👇👇👇

To millions, it seems as if Hollywood celebrities live a dream life and have no idea what personal struggles and emotional turbulence are. But there is another side of Hollywood which will forever be hidden behind the perfect images.

That is why we decided to expose some astonishing facts which will pique everyone’s interest and stun those who still think that everything is ideal here.

Eating disorders are more common in Hollywood than any of you may think. Every other star faces anorexia which, of course, is not seen on the screens.

Those stars cost much!

Not everyone knows that iconic celebrities have to pay 30 000 dollars per month for their name being on this road. Did you know it?

Hiding real age

A number of Hollywood stars prefer to hide their age for some reason. They are more than sure that by doing this their chances of being offered more film roles are getting bigger.

Paid paparazzi

Only few know that some celebrities periodically pay paparazzi for filming them and sharing the photos on network. Such «accidentally» taken photos cause a furor making them even more popular and talked-about.

Fake romances for PR!

It is not a secret anymore that many actors and actresses play lovers for the sake of their roles. Sometimes, directors pay them to pretend as if they are in a relationship in real life too. This happens for PR as well.

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