Tell Me What You See And I’ll Reveal Your Secret Personality

Most people are familiar with something known as the inkblot test. It has been used by psychiatrists for many years to determine what is on a person’s mind and what may be hiding under the surface.

We have something similar to this for you today, but you only get one shot at doing it the right way. Take a glance at the picture we have for you below and when you do so, think of the first thing that you see.

There are actually a few different things in the image, but depending on what you saw, we can reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings. Are you ready? Here is the image…

What did you see first? Here are the options and what they say about you.

1. Tree

Did you see the tree first? You tend to use reason to get by in almost any situation and you are honest to a fault. Your friends appreciate you because you are a positive influence in their life and they will often look to you for solutions to problems they may have.

If there is one issue that you face in life, it’s the fact that you are very rigid. Some people appreciate this but others feel that you could use more flexibility.

2. Lion

Like the big cat you saw in the picture, your personality is very strong. People follow you because you are influential and they want to do whatever you are doing in life. This also keeps you pushing your way forward so you can achieve even greater things.

Sometimes, you can get in trouble because of your risky way of living. When you do fail at something, you tend to get up and dust yourself off before going forward even stronger.

3. Gorilla

You tend to look at everything in life in a very analytical way. You look for a deeper meaning in anything you do. When opportunities present themselves, you take advantage of them and you do so to grow in life.

When you have problems, you tend to go after them straightforwardly and you don’t often seek help to fix the issues. This is part of your strong-minded and stubborn personality, but it serves you well in life.

4. Fish

Most people miss the fish but if you see them first, you tend to be a very detail-oriented person. You also enjoy dreaming as you are someone who tries to get the most out of life. Your cheerful and optimistic personality attracts people to you.

Since you tend to look for the best in people, this means that you will also sometimes run into problems. Some may take advantage of you but you continue to move forward and do your best.


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