Daddy’s baby turned into a model»: here is how the daughter of sadly dead Paul Walker looks like now

She receives invitations to dozens of advertisements and fancy magazines.🙌🙌🙌

Everyone was sad when they learned that favorite and famous actor died. For Paul Walker, known from «Fast and Furious», the daughter Meadow was a real angel. Even the actor got a tattoo with her name. When the girl was 15 years old, her father died in a car accident, which became a real mourning.

Meadow has lived the past three years with her beloved father in Los Angeles. The child’s mother, Rebecca Soteros, loved alcohol and struggled with alcoholism.

Paul’s friends and family claimed that «Fast and Furious» was to be his last film in which he had a role. But Walker decided to step down from his role because he wanted to spend more time with his daughter and be always there for her.
Meadow is now 24 years old. She is a real beauty who has turned into a stunning girl. She has many contracts from different modeling agencies. She receives invitations from advertisements and fashion magazines.

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