«Where is modesty?» Reeves replied to his haters by kissing his fiancée right on the Red Carpet


Reeves shares a passionate kiss with his gray-haired girlfriend during rare Carpet appearance! 🤫🔥 «The Matrix» actor’s fans definitely weren’t ready for this! 🙄😬 See the exclusive snapshots in this article! 👇👇👇

We all are convinced that renowned, successful and desirable actors choose the most beautiful and attractive women. However, the great movie star about whom we are going to tell is not only kind and generous, but also modest and humble.

Frequently, the «plain» appearance of his partner raises many questions leading us to think that appearance is far not the most important thing in life. «The Matrix» actor shared a passionate kiss with his fiancée during their rare appearance

The woman he chose is an absolutely ordinary-looking female who, unlike most of the celebrities of today, doesn’t pursue eternal youth and beauty flatly refusing to undergo plastic surgeries.

She is often called «a granny» who looks even older than the film star’s mother. Their scandalous kiss right on the Red Carpet quickly became the topic of heated discussions.

«And what did he find in such a plain woman?», «He could have chosen anyone: why her?», «How come such a heartthrob fell in love with her!», «What are they trying to show? We all already know that they are madly in love with each other!».

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