Taylor Swift Makes Devastating Lyric Change as She Returns to the Stage

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Swift performed in Rio two days after fan Ana Clara Benevides Machado died after her concert. The extreme heat wave on Saturday postponed Taylor’s Eras Tour in Brazil to Night 2 tonight.

Taylor surprises her audience with two or three songs every evening. Usually tracks from her archive she has never performed live. Her Night 2 surprise songs were touching given the circumstances. Fans noted Swift’s posture and the slight lyric change in Bigger Than the Whole Sky, the second surprise song.

Swift was thought to be saying goodbye to Ana with the song: Goodbye. You were bigger than the sky and time. Much to miss and live without. I’ll never meet, Might have Shoulda been you?

Later in the song, lyrics state, “Everything to come has turned into ashes ‘Cause it’s all over, it’s not meant to be, So I’ll say words I don’t believe.”

Onstage, Taylor sang, “Every single thing I touch has turned into ashes.” Taylor Swift is crushed by Ana’s death, Mamas Uncut reported. The singer reported a Brazilian admirer died of heat stroke before her performance.

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