Since they saw the wedding photos, their lives have never been the same.

Emma and Justin Cotillard, both 33, started a new chapter in their lives together when they exchanged vows during their wedding. This momentous date marked the beginning of a journey brimming with beauty, romance, and delight.

Even though the couple was anticipating a blissful honeymoon, they were soon placed in a challenging circumstance that would forever alter their life.

By morning, Justin’s feelings for Emma had significantly shifted, and he had begun to berate her, use derogatory language, and order her to leave his home.

He afterward apologized for his inappropriate actions, which he had engaged in.

Emma was sympathetic because she was seven months pregnant at the time. She was pregnant and had strong emotions, therefore she reacted aggressively to this circumstance.

Unfortunately, from then, things got far worse, far worse than they had been before.

The newlyweds Justin and Emma were organizing their getaway. They chose to go to the hospital in an emergency when Justin started to experience strange symptoms.

The aggressive malignant brain tumor that was discovered in the 29-year-old guy gave him only two years to live.

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