An old man made a model of the Titanic out of 40,000 Legos

The most favorite game of children at all times remains the constructor. The constructor is a universal educational toy with a huge potential.

In addition to the development of fine motor skills, speech, mindfulness, memory, perseverance, imagination,

playing with a constructor forms figurative, logical, spatial and engineering thinking.

Модель Титаника из Lego из 40 000 деталей

The child no longer falls into suspended animation during algebra and geometry lessons,

he calculates better in his mind, more often he moves away from stereotyped thinking,

he approaches problem solving creatively – these skills are used to identify gifted children and prophesy a brilliant career.

Модель Титаника из Lego из 40 000 деталей

However, it turns out that this game is loved not only by children, but also by adults.

A sixty-year-old grandfather from Britain was so carried away by the constructor that he built a model of the

Titanic liner out of them. It all started with the fact that one day he bought a designer for his grandchildren.

Модель Титаника из Lego из 40 000 деталей

A man by profession was an engineer in his youth. He got so carried away playing with his grandchildren

that he decided to purchase the details of the constructor for himself and design something. Retirement in the UK is like a new life.

Модель Титаника из Lego из 40 000 деталей

No need to go to work, and you can take care of your own life, travel or go headlong into a hobby.

Kit Morton got into the constructor hobby through his grandchildren. At the age of 60, once again assembling a car for his beloved kids from a constructor,

he thought, why not do something big? So the idea was born to make a model of the Titanic.

Модель Титаника из Lego из 40 000 деталей

The pensioner began to search and buy parts all over Britain.

For everything he needed 40,000 parts and 2 years of free time.

As a result, a three-meter liner was made from the designer constructor, in which there were also obligatory attributes in the form of film characters.

Модель Титаника из Lego из 40 000 деталей

The model turned out to be an exact copy of the Titanic with all the small parts, anchor and masts.

A happy man, inspired by his successful work, decided to continue his hobby further.

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