One couple buys a decaying 109-year-old mansion, sees potential in it and transforms it into a dream house

From an «ugly» miserable structure into a majestic dream house! 😲😍 Maintaining its historical charm, the couple brought this dilapidated property into life! 🥺👏 They stormed the network with the final result which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

The amazing makeover of a dilapidated and decaying mansion in Aberdeen, immediately went viral evoking interest and earning praise among network users. Today’s partners are Abby and Trey who brought this old property.

Though the walls were decaying and the windows were broken, they saw great potential in it and planned to fill their own touch and charm in it. They, however, determined to maintain some original details so as to keep its history.

However surprising it seems, the dilapidated mansion was bought for 155 000 dollars, but the renovation added more 268 000 dollars. The mansion’s rich history is connected with the Page family who played a big role in the state’s development.

When the couple first took a step into the house, they visually appeared back in those times. That is why it was crucial for them to maintain its history with just adding their own touch and cosmetic renovation.

After the final result, the mansion’s price was about 900 000 dollars. The Brothers gave it an amazing transformation and now it looked like a dream place to live. This even seemed to be a place where some mystical movies were filmed.

All the rooms underwent big changes and now it looked like somewhere people would only dream of living. Even the bathroom was styled in a modern way. The property can boast multiple bedrooms each of which has its own charm.

Here is the video for more details!

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