«Just like an old woman in a robe!» Paparazzi captured Angelina Jolie and disappointed fans

Ugh, you’re no longer attractive!»😬Who would think that once the most elegant woman, Jolie, would go out in public in this unkempt look!🥴😵Her strange photos see here⬇️⬇️⬇️

It’s no secret that Angelina Jolie is the most feminine among many celebrities. She has always won millions of hearts, but recently the paparazzi captured her at the New York airport and posted the photo on social networks. Fans were unhappy with these new photos. The actress, who usually attracts attention with her clothes, surprised fans this time.

She donned a white dress with lace and frills and walked around the airport with pride. Fans wrote that her clothes looked like a robe. Jolie and her daughter were in New York, but this time they flew there not for work but to relax.

Jolie was very happy with her eldest adopted daughter and had a good time, which she constantly talked about. They don’t communicate often because the girl moved out of her home to attend Spelman College.

Apparently Jolie is the most attached to her among her children and misses her very much. And when they have the opportunity and the girl can leave school, the mother takes her somewhere and they relax together and spend good time together.


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