Why Women Fall In Love With Married Men

Although falling in love with a married man is one of the most confusing a.f.f.a.i.r.s that a woman can ever have, this still happens. That’s because there are some things women find attractive in married men. In this article, we will tell you why women fall in love with married men:

Probably it is because there are no strings attached in this kind of relationship because the woman knows what she is getting involved in. She could also be avoiding a serious relationship after being hurt in the past. She does not expect a conventional relationship and her love life is usually at the bottom on her priority list. Some women avoid dating single men because there is the possibility of a serious relationship, unlike dating a married man.

2/ Attention from married men is flattery

Women love getting attention, especially from a married man because he is risking his marriage. This can boost the ego of a woman significantly. Women often care more about the compliments from married men rather than those from single men. She trusts the married man more because she believes he genuinely appreciates her.

3/ Women idealize married men

Dating can be very stressful for a lot of women especially if they have come across lots of men with a phobia of commitment. If he is married, he is used to living with a woman and he knows how women function and think. This makes married men more favorable than single men because they appear more mature.

4/ Married men appear to be more in control of their lives

Married men are often more settled in life, they have steady jobs, their own homes and financial security. Some women have a revolutionary need of being attracted to a man who can provide for her.

5/ Married men are the forbidden fruit

Doing something forbidden is often very exciting especially if there is a risk of getting caught. And the thought of being together gives a tremendous rush. This feeling of danger increases the attraction of the woman towards the married man.

The bad marriage of parents has an important role If a woman has witnessed her parent’s marriage failing, she may not believe in marriage as an institution.

Women from broken homes never consider marriage as something sacred which is why nothing is stopping her from having a relationship with a taken man.

6/ Women buy into their lies

Almost every woman who has had an ᴀғғᴀɪʀ with a married man says that he was unhappy in his marriage, that his wife no longer understands him, he was never in love with his wife or that she is the only person who can understand him. Men often lie to make sure a woman is idolizing him using sympathy and pain to create a connection. These excuses also help him justify the affair with another woman.

7/ Women need a father figure

Having issues with her father in the past can make a woman more attracted to married man. Having an absence of a father figure in a girl’s life can trigger psychological problems which can manifest later in life.

Women who were rejected by their father figure have similar attitude towards the men they are in a relationship with. They fall for unavailable men as well as teachers or employers, particularly the persons who remind them of their father.

If a woman has unresolved father issues she is more likely to be in a relationship in a much older man. She loves being dominated by the man which she considers an affection.


Moral is not the only thing that should be keeping you away from someone’s marriage. You should also think about your happiness and future.

When in a relationship with a married man you might over idolize him and see the world through rose tinted glasses. Very few married men are willing to leave their wives, regardless of what he promises to you. Also, many women silently accept the mistress status and suffer when the man they are in love with is spending holidays with his family.

And he never publicly acknowledges the relationship. First of wall, think about whether you have a future with a married man. If his behavior is repeated, and he has already done or has a chance of doing the same thing with another woman.

You will never be truly happy with him. Think about what you are gaining in the relationship reconsider the time you are willing to spend for someone who probably does not deserve you.

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