Pamela Anderson Is Back In All Natural Laundry Commercial

Pamela Anderson has been getting a lot of attention in recent years. This isn’t necessarily the same type of attention that she got in her younger years, she is now advocating for something different


She wants to let people know that they don’t need to wear makeup in order to be beautiful. She regularly appears without makeup, and recently she has started promoting a laundry product that is plant-based.

According to the 56-year-old retired actress, she is showing off her makeup-free look for the new commercial. The commercial is for The Laundress, a company specializing in plant-derived laundry and home cleaning products.

In the short clip that she appears in, she promotes the brand and said that she probably was accepted because of her activism for veganism and animal rights.

In the caption of the post, a poem is shared to discuss the ritual she uses for self-care while doing laundry.

“A self-care ritual… a strong cup of coffee,” the starlet wrote. The mom-of-two went on to admit that this simple habit was sometimes conducted with rosé, as she would play “music on her record player”.

“It has to be done, might as well make it fun, @thelaundress fabric care, makes it a joy too,” she wrote.

It’s not just that she is being paid to promote a product, she loves the signature scents and could depend on the “bio-based ingredients to truly take care of her beautiful collections of linens, doilies, and delicates.”

“Then out to the line to dry… or on a branch, by the sea.”

It’s just another reason why we feel that Pamela Anderson is so awesome. We hope that she continues advocating for natural beauty for many years to come.




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