Neighbors complain that the man next to them painted his house all pink and claims that it makes him happy Источник:

Guy paints his house all pink and annoys all his neighbors! 😬😳 Little did he know that creating his dream place would cause so much hatred! 😟🫣 See the article to learn more! 👇👇👇


It happens that neighbors are troublesome and easily irritated. This not always means that the people next to them actually do bad things or break any rule. Today’s interesting story is about one man in an Austin, Texas suburb.

The strangest thing about him is that he painted his house bright Pepto-Bismol pink and earned his neighbors’ hatred and disrespect. He started to get on the nerves of the local residents.


The whole thing is that most neighborhoods in the US have a Homeowners Association according to which they are to keep their houses look consistent. But Emilio Rodriguez doesn’t think so.

He purchased his house in Pflugerville and it doesn’t have an HOA. To everyone’s surprise, he painted his house pink and can’t understand why so many people strongly dislike it. Its initial color was beige, but now he can see his favorite color everywhere.

He is a wheelchair-bound man as a result of a fatal car accident who has many health conditions and explained that the pink keeps him happy.

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