After being attacked for defending traditional marriage, Candace Cameron Bure reacts

Candace Cameron Bure, star of “Full House” and “Fuller House,” came under fire this week after saying that her new network, Great American Family, will give priority to programs that supported “traditional marriage,” as we reported.

The TV network’s chief creative officer, Cameron Bure, who joined the company earlier this year, is now reacting to her critics and isn’t backing down.


Cameron Bure, 46, was referred branded as a “bigot” after saying earlier this week that the GAF network will “keep conventional marriage at the core” of its stories. The always elegant decided to take the high road and issued a statement in which she stood by her beliefs and insisted on adhering to her core values.

Cameron Bure announced, “I Am A Committed Christian.” “Those of you who know me, know without a doubt that I have great love and affection for every person.” It absolutely breaks my heart that anyone would think I would want to intentionally hurt or offend someone.

“It saddens me that the media frequently seeks to divide people, even around a subject as cozy and joyful as Christmas movies,” the actress concluded. But, given the toxic atmosphere that exists in our culture at the present, I shouldn’t be surprised. Christmas has never been more significant.

Cameron Bure didn’t stop there; she went on to reaffirm her unwavering Christian beliefs, for which she is well known.

“I’m a passionate Christian. Thus, I believe that every single human bears God’s image. I have to love everyone as a result, and I do. You already know that I love everyone with tremendous, unconditional love. The author states, “My heart longs to build bridges, to love others well, to simply be a reflection of God’s enormous love for all of us.”

Cameron Bure Addresses Her Critics Directly Following that, Cameron Bure responded to people who have been defaming her constantly for the past few days in both the media and the public.

I have a clear message for the journalists who are using this opportunity to fan the flames of animosity and hatred: I still love you. Those who mock my morals and attack me online, I love you. To those who have attempted to discredit my character, she said, “I adore you. Everyone who reads this is told by the author, “I love you,” regardless of their race, religion, sexual preference, or allegiance to a certain political party.


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