If you ever see a rubber band on your door handle, do not touch it.

Upon returning home, it is important that our house constantly provides us with a sense of safety and security, free from any potential harm.


It’s our secure location where we may relax after a lengthy morning or day.

A lot of individuals feel most secure when they are at their residence, therefore it is crucial to ensure that their safety is never compromised when they are there.


Many individuals install surveillance cameras on their premises to safeguard their privacy and security.

However, despite these safety precautions, criminals are always devising innovative methods to unlawfully enter people’s residences.

A Texan woman named Kim Fleming Cernigliaro recently shared a tale to raise awareness about a new technique that burglars are employing to break into houses.

When there came a knock on the door, Kim was alone at home. The knocking seemed to have escalated into a more intense pounding.

She made an intelligent decision by not opening the door as she had no anticipation of someone arriving.

As the banging grew louder, she became frightened and decided to delay stepping outside to check whether anyone was still present.

Once it seemed that the individual had departed after a while, she descended the stairs and unlocked the main entrance.

Next, she saw a strip of elastic on the door handle. She immediately contacted the police to inform them about the incident, although she was unsure of its significance.

Upon the arrival of the police, it was reported that several individuals in the vicinity had discovered rubber bands on their door handles.

They provided an explanation for why criminals choose this peculiar method.

When someone opens the door by removing the latch, the rubber band remains in position.

This enables burglars to easily enter the residence.

The resident is unable to shut and secure the door due to the rubber band preventing the latch from closing.

Kim is now committed to informing others about this new approach and advising them to exercise caution while opening the door for unfamiliar individuals.

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