An employee at Goodwill finds a donated sweater worth $42,000 and returns it.

This is a truly good individual. In Oklahoma, a Goodwill worker discovers $42,000 in a given sweatshirt and promptly returns it.An Oklahoman employee of Goodwill showed how the best course of action is always to be honest, living up to her employer’s name.

While sorting through items at her Goodwill store in Norman, Andrea Lessing thought she was holding books that were wrapped in two worn-out sweaters. But when she looked more closely, she saw a big bundle of cash hidden inside.

Alessa initially thought the piles of envelopes holding $100 bills were forgeries. She was astonished to learn the bills totaled $42,000 when she learned they weren’t.Humans naturally display their love and sympathy for those in need by giving to those in need. Honesty and ethics are necessary in this line of work, especially when objects are mistakenly donated.

Although finding money in donated products is common, the staff claimed they had never seen something of this magnitude.Alessa, who firmly believes in karma, asked the manager to give the money back to its original owner.

By looking into the documentation details pertaining to the donors, the honest employee and her organization were able to locate the rightful owner of the funds.After returning the money, the owner, who wished to remain anonymous, handed Alessa a $1,000 prize for her heroic actions. This demonstrates the power of karma and the frequent reciprocation of generosity.

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