Baby Called “Hideous” and “Defective” for Red Birthmark, But Wait Until You See This Adorable Child Now

Like every other human being, a newborn baby is gorgeous in its own special way.

Angelica was born in 2018 to delighted parents and siblings. Her already gorgeous features were complimented by a heart-shaped port wine stain. Sadly, not everyone recognized the significance of her unique stamp.

The worst internet remark I’ve ever received questioned whether she had shoved her face onto a griddle.

The mother of Angelica, Marianna Bowering, told the Mirror that her daughter’s face had been described as “grilled.”

Marianna noted that her daughter has occasionally been referred to as “hideous” and a “defect.”

The family was severely influenced by this and it made their problems worse, but they were adamant on getting past it

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