«Even helped her fix earrings»: Leonardo DiCaprio was with a top model on the dance floor, which made a splash

DiCaprio doesn’t want to stop!🤨This time the well-known model fall into his «net»😮The paparazzi showed how sweetly and passionately they talked and danced together😳😱It became a cause of discussions 🤐

Recently, we often see the famous actor at various events. He attended the Coachella music festival and the Neon Carnival party at Thermal. The most interesting was the last party during which DiCaprio was with top model Irina Shayk. They were spotted together, talking to each other and dancing together.

At first everything was fine, but when DiCaprio fixed her earrings it was too much. All this caused discussions among Internet users, some were surprised because there is an age difference. And many considered them a very cute couple.

They know each other through Bradley Cooper. He is a close friend of DiCaprio and the father of his daughter Shayk.

But another surprise is that there are rumors that DiCaprio is dating British TV presenter Maya Jama. They even noticed how he goes on dates with her and gives her flowers.

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