«A 10-year-old child on high heels and in a lace jumpsuit?»: Kardashian dresses her child as if she is an adult

The fans criticized Kardashian for dressing her little daughter like an adult! 🫢🤯 The way 10-year-old North showed up let neither fans nor haters stay indifferent! 😱😳

For those who don’t know, the eldest daughter of Kim Kardashian has turned 10 this year. It is visible even to the naked eye that the child often imitates her mother and is believed to be prematurely grown-up

The whole thing is that the girl often wears outfits inappropriate for her age. This time, she left everyone speechless showing up in a lace jumpsuit and on high heels. No one believed she was 10 and started to heavily criticize Kim for spoiling her

The appearance of the successful businesswoman’s 10-year-old c

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