«Sacrificed his handsome face for a film role!»: Cooper became unrecognizable for the sake of his role

No one believes that this aged man with white hair is radically transformed Cooper 😳🤔

The appearance of this prominent and successful actor has undergone some drastic changes. A group of professional makeup artists and stylists worked hard to create his new image and all these efforts – for one role.

Cooper had to sacrifice his handsome appearance for some time to realistically portray the role. Apart from being an actor, he is also a talented filmmaker and producer.

His film is «Maestro» where such stars as Jeremy Strong and Carey Mulligan excellently took part in. His ability to portray altogether different roles stands for his incredible talent and professionalism.

Here, he portrays Leonard Bernstein and this character has already become the subject of discussions.

The notable actor proved his dedication to his career by transforming himself beyond recognition. He firmly maintains his irreplaceable role in Hollywood.

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