Grandmother With Entire Body Covered In Tattoos Reveals What She Looked Like Decade Ago

Tattoos are only one way that many people choose to alter their bodies to show the world who they are.

But there are many who strongly object to such initiatives. Kerstin Tristan belonged to the latter group up until one fateful event in 2015…

Read on to learn more about her adventures.

56-year-old Kerstin Tristan is a grandmother and mom. However, she has certain unusual interests that deviate from the ‘standard’ for a grandma. Tattoos are her favorite kind of body art.

She has spent a lot of money getting tattoos all over her body since she is committed to this level.

She has not always had such a deep appreciation for body art.

She admitted that she had always despised tattoos and didn’t get one until 2015.

Why did she suddenly dislike them so much? That same year, she got her first one, which fundamentally altered her opinion of the procedure

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