She went for a typical scan while pregnant. The doctor’s expression changed as soon as she turned to examine the screen.

A delight and a medical miracle, having four, six, or seven infants at once is quite unlike the relatively common birth of identical or fraternal twins. When Oksana Kobeletskaya, 37, gave birth to a set of quintuplets in June 2016—three boys and two girls—she already had a daughter. Not even IVF was used!

There was a lot of interest in this prominent case. The local government provided the family with an MUV and a five-room apartment. All six of Oksana’s children, together with her husband Sergey Semenov, rose to fame in Ukraine and other countries overnight.

The young mother pondered creating a blog even while expecting. There was obviously little time for it as the family was getting used to the new phase, but in the end, it was this late-night interest that kept the mother from going into depression.

Sergey’s patience, which seemed to be that of a wonderful husband and father, only lasted for a little over a year. He abandoned Oksana after six months, leaving her with nothing; the repairs on the new apartment were not finished (she and the kids were living in a country cottage), and social assistance and Oksana’s mother’s pension were barely enough to get by.

It was discovered after a few weeks that he was too exhausted from the day to even get out of bed at night.

I find it difficult to admit, but the father of my children, Sergey Semenov, and I have filed for legal separation.

Strangers came together to support the mother of six; various companies provided aid, and caring people raised money.

On her blog, Oksana discusses her experiences with raising children as well as issues she faces, such as what to do when several of them are ill at once, how to ensure their physical development, and whether or not to see a psychologist. There are few mentions of Sergey.


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