Authorities received reports of an unusual occurrence at a neighbor’s home from several residents of a Dutch village.

A Dutch village’s residents raised the alarm and called the police after developing concerns about a neighbor’s house. I never would have anticipated that this would develop into a tale including narcotics, law enforcement, and prison!

To be more exact, there was a time when it snowed a lot, the snow cover formed, and it got bigger, but not a single flake “stuck” on a specific spot on the house’s roof, which made some people think there was foul play going on.

When they arrived on the scene, the responding police officers discovered a thriving business—more particularly, a cannabis culture—within, which validated the veracity of their training. Snow almost immediately melted because the heat utilized to grow the plants prevented it from clinging to the roof.

When melting snow discloses their secret, police in the Netherlands are arresting cannabis growers in masse.

The Netherlands’ lack of snow on the roofs is proving to be a surprising barrier for drug traffickers.

The building’s owner could spend a significant amount of time in prison for producing marijuana in his home. In the Netherlands, marijuana use is accepted on a personal basis, but domestic cultivation is limited to five plants per household.

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