Mom Slammed for ‘Inappropriate’ Hug with Teen Son at Football Game — Boy Hits Back at Trolls

A mother and son embraced emotionally after a high school football game. What was an innocent and loving moment to them received significant criticism from others on social media. Now, they’re speaking out.

Utah mother Amber Wright and her son, Brixton, hugged after his high school football game. In a video that Amber shared on her Instagram page, she received many hateful comments.

Brixton and his mother have been through a lot together and have defended one another from the criticism they have both faced.

Screenshots and comments from the pair have now surfaced in which they talk about the incident.

Amber and Brixton have spoken out about the incident, with Brixton defending his mother through text and Amber sharing her opinions of the criticism on her social media, where she has amassed a large following.

Amber took to Instagram on August 18 to share a video of her and Brixton locked in a tight embrace after a football game. In the caption, Amber said her son would always have her heart and talked about how proud she was of him

She thanked her friend for capturing the video and discussed precisely what had happened. She shared:

“When I walked up to hug my baby boy after his game, he immediately picked me up and just held me. It may have been 20 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute, I have no idea. But in this moment, time stood completely still.”

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